Future Plans


My future plans as an educational technologist involve the completion of my PhD. The research seeks to create a new approach to learning visual literacy skills of decoding in an informal, ubiquitous, and collaborative manner. It will do so by applying existing knowledge of pedagogy and didactics to new technology such as, smart devices, geo located imagery, and augmented reality. The contribution to knowledge will be threefold; a new pedagogical model containing pedagogical assumptions on how daily life can be leveraged as a visual literacy learning opportunity, an augmented reality visual literacy m-learning application that affords learners the opportunity to use imagery from their daily life as learning opportunities, and the user data on the augmented reality application’s user base. The knowledge needed to do this will be gained incrementally. First, two reviews of existing literature will be conducted sequentially. The first review will be on visual literacy as to understand the field. A second review will then be conducted on learning and teaching focused by the knowledge gained in the preceding review on visual literacy. The knowledge from the reviews will be used to synthesize a pedagogical model of mobile visual literacy learning. This model will then be implemented in a visual literacy m-learning application which the researcher will create. The m-learning application will be built on top of a database that will collect user data on every interaction occurrence of its user base. The data from the users will then be analysed to either prove or disprove each pedagogical assumption in the proposed pedagogical model. The research will adopt a heuristic inquiry approach that integrates practice-based research and quantitative research.

The following diagram outlines my plan for the next couple of years:


I am hoping that this research will afford me the opportunity to continue examining the application of technology to pedagogy (or andragogy, or heutagogy). With any luck, I will have a working prototype by the middle of next year ready to begin implementing. The app is called eyes up and will use user generated, geo-located images as a means to learn visual literacy skills.

Conference papers

At present I am working on another team publication in the field of technology and learning. The draft title of the paper is ‘Post Powerpoint Pedagogy’. The paper is based on a team of lecturers implementing new tools or techniques within AUT. The common thread for all the lecturers is looking at how presentations can be replaced with more engaging practices. The first step however will be to poll all the lecturers within the school to examine their use of tools such as powerpoint. The paper only exists as a rough outline at present. It is hoped it will be finished by the end of the year to be presented at ascilite.


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