Using WordPress to capture student progress worked very well. In the group context it provided a forum where the students could collect their ideas, thoughts, and progress. It was interesting see how the two teams responded to the opportunity to use word press. One team did not see any value in the exercise and chose to avoid keeping a word press, while the other team appointed one person to keep the WordPress blog current and produced an interesting artifact.

The team that did not keep a WordPress site felt that the maintaining of a Google plus community served well enough for documenting their progress. This line of thinking did have some advantages. In terms of use of social media the team preformed better than the other as everything was forced through Google plus. This however did not lead to as much reflection on decisions as the other team, and did not clearly document research. Also worth mentioning, as an observer the team that did not use WordPress made their information much harder to access. In order to understand the decisions made required digging through various posts made within a social media site. I also felt that as there was no clear space specifically assigned to record progress, decisions, and research, a number of decisions happening outside of Google plus were never documented.

The team that did keep a WordPress benefited from having an edited diary of all decisions that transpired. The ability word press has to generate clean presentation of a groups thoughts is also a great plus. I think the success of the teams WordPress can be attributed to appointing one person to maintaining the site, or that the appointed person came up with the idea therefore having higher buy in.

In future we I will be rolling this out in a number of classes. I can see the creation and maintenance of a word press site by students could easily replace activities like class presentations and provide a space for not only practicing critique but receiving it too.


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