Proposed Methodology & Methods

The study I propose is still very rough around the edges, however, being the visual person I am, I thought a diagram was in order. In my attempt to make the diagram look serious it wound up looking like a 5th form science text-book diagram. The approach uses heuristic inquiry, practice-based research, and a mix methods qualitative and quantitative approach for data collection. This approach should allow enough flexibility for the rapid changes taking place with mobile technologies. That said, the approach still needs tweaks and clarification and is a work in progress.Diagram of methodology and methods


2 thoughts on “Proposed Methodology & Methods

  1. Hey, glad to see you are looking at Heuristics! we can have some good conversations about this. Of course this flowchart is not the only way….. certainly not where I am heading

    • We actually have quite a few people using heuristics in one form or another, even some of our PG students. I’m thinking it could be good to start an online group to pull together everyone doing PG studies in digital media.

      And yeah, this is not for everyone, just my own little mash up of heuristics 🙂 It would be cool to see your methodology at some point

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